A fully autonomous cleaning robot that can automatically charge, dispense and refill all by itself

Minimal human intervention

Scrub50 cleans on schedule, requiring no human intervention in its cleaning operations

Fleet management system

Operators can monitor the Scrub50's performance & access cleaning reports through a user-friendly & interactive Fleet Management System


Scrub50 requires as low as 2 hours every month for general maintenance and upkeep, helping to push productivity to new levels

Zone cleaning

Scrub50 can be deployed into pre-selected areas for zone cleaning. Lift integration is an option which allows the Scrub50 to clean multiple levels of a building autonomously

Integrated Working Station

Automatically docks itself, charges the batteries, empties & rinses the dirty water tank, & fills the clean water tank so that it is ready for its next cleaning task

Automatic charging

Automatic filling of water

Automatic rinsing of tank

Automatic discharging of waste water

Monitors performance anywhere, anytime

Zone cleaning

Reports & system updates

Dynamically route to different levels

24-hour operation

Lidar system

3D Depth camera

Ultrasonic sensors