Smart Toilets

Our smart toilets concept provides a revolutionary approach to cleaning toilets.

With the adoption of this concept we expect to reduce toilet maintenance costs and improve user experience. The concept consists of 2 elements: IoT sensors and Feedback panels

IoT Sensors

Sensors installed within the toilet will enable us to draw unique insights with the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Examples of insights that have been drawn from this data include efficient cleaning schedules, inventory management plans and strategic downtime planning.

A range of sensors are available and the types of sensors userd can be varied according to the client's needs.














Feedback System

The Feedback System allows the property owner or operator to receive instant feedback about the condition of the toilets and allow them to resolve issues promptly. We offer a flexible deployment strategy, offering the operator the option to run the system on a Tablet Kiosk or simply via QR codes.

Option 1 - Feedback System via Tablet Kiosk

Restroom users can access the feedback touch panel to rate the cleanliness of the toilet. They will also be able to inform the cleaner about bad odour, low toilet supplies, faulty door lock and other related problems. The cleaners will receive a notification immediately to address the problem

Option 2 - Feedback Solution via QR Code

Restroom users can scan the QR code displayed in toilets which will launch a web enabled restroom feedback application 

  • Cost effective solution serving same functionality as Touch Panel

  • Serves well for remote toilets or office tower toilets 

  • Flexible placement for QR code signage such as entrance or behind cubicle door

  • Maintenance free